Tiling for kitchens and bathrooms in Newton Abbot

The bathroom is an essential part of the house and once in a while, it needs to be retouched and redesigned.

There’s no better place to take a breather after a long and tiring day of work than inside a soothing bubble bath in your sleek, new bathroom, wishing you could stay in it forever.

With the wide variety of tiling materials and colour options available, the only challenge is choosing the design that is most pleasing to your eyes, and there are plenty of them. The tiles are made from every possible material you could think of, ranging from the usual ones to the more exotic: ceramic, porcelain, metal, glass, terracotta, natural stone, wood clay, leather or fossil. They also come in a great variety of shapes and sizes. On top of that, you can enhance the design with accessories, such as accent tiles.

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Yes, but which type of tiles?

If you’re unsure which tiles to choose for your bathroom tiling, some of the most popular types of bathroom tiles are:

Ceramic tiles

If you’re unsure which tiles to choose for your bathroom tiling, some of the most popular types of bathroom tiles are:

They come in two types: glazed and unglazed. Glazed tiles are either plain or decorated and are suitable for both the floor and walls. Since they’re smooth with no pores, they’re really easy to clean and come in a large variety of colours. The main disadvantages against the unglazed ones are they’re less resistant to scratches and slips. For this reason, unglazed tiles are a great shower cabin tiling option.

Glass tiles

These are a continuing trend in these past years, since they’ve become a lot more affordable. What’s great about them is they can be used to create beautiful and unique designs, thanks to their ability to reflect light, highlighting each tile. Glass tiles require a bit more expertise to install, but the final look of your bathroom tiling is well worth the effort.

Quarry tiles

They have been manufactured in the UK for centuries. Quarry tiles are made by extruding natural clay or shales, and then fired at a temperature of 2000 F°. They are available in white, black and terracotta. Terracotta means “baked earth”, due to its brown-orange colour. Since it’s porous, it needs a proper ceramic sealant to fill the pores. You can get the glazed version to fix this problem.

Porcelain tiles

They can also be considered ceramic tiles, but with a very low water absorption rate. Porcelain is made from kaolin clays, silica, quartz and feldspar, heated at about 2200 F°. It’s very durable and, even if you manage to scratch or chip the top, you won’t notice, since it’s made from the same material from the top to its base.

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